Heal Yourself. Heal Others.

Heal Yourself. Heal Others.

Work with a reiki master in Dartmouth & New Bedford, MA

You're surrounded by life energy every day. Learn how to use it to your advantage by studying under reiki master Stephanie Burke in Dartmouth & New Bedford, Massachusetts. Stephanie has been a certified reiki master and teacher for over 10 years.

Become a reiki master teacher by signing up for one of Stephanie Burke's classes today.

Become a reiki master teacher and heal those around you

Reiki is recognized in the medical community and used in hospitals to help patients with pain management. While it's often used as a last resort due to uncertainty about alternative medicine, it's proven to be highly effective when patients try it.

A reiki master can help you:

  • Permanently align your chakras to tap into and channel your energy
  • Become attuned to the universal energy around you
  • Heal yourself and others using your inner energy
  • Ground yourself to protect against negative energy

Everything you face in life, from physical pain to infertility, has to do with the energy you put into your body. Learn how to redirect your energy, then pass the gift on to others.

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