My experiences with Stephanie have been no less than amazing. From the first meeting, she was in contact with a very important person in my life. It brought me to tears of pure joy. I have regular chats and readings and am in awe of how spot on she is. I highly recommend her.

Kim Hollomon Lazalde

Stephanie has such a positive energy and sweet demeanor! As soon as I walked through her door I felt at ease. I've received both my Reiki I & II attunements as well as psychic development with Stephanie, and couldn't be happier with her classes, start to finish. Her reiki healing is quite powerful and has helped me in so many ways. Not only is she an amazing psychic medium and mentor, but a quite a positive light

Lauren Kelley

Very gifted, I first saw Stephanie give a table tipping demonstration at a Legends Ghost investigation then booked a couple of sessions. More dynamic than I could have imagined, pets, relatives, friends spelling their names giving ages when the table was bouncing against my leg I would have sworn it was my dog Olives tail tapping on my leg. As you get the hang of it communication flows very nicely.

Bernie Krumis

I just watched the newest episode of Kindred Spirits on Destination America. And was so impressed with Stephanie. Very sweet and professional. Not to mention a very attractive and Beautiful Women. Hope to see here again on the show.

Christopher Shaun Callaway

Awesome medium. Very gifted and insightful.

Richard Kidd

Stephanie is a very beautiful and awesome person

Daniela Staas

Great reading last night! Very insightful! Couldn't ask for better. She's a genuine person and I was lucky to have a reading!

RK Hunter

She is simply, a very genuine kind honest person.

April Gardner